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Book Blitz & Giveaway - Trillionaire Boys' Club: The Connector by Aubrey Parker

Book & Author Details:
Trillionaire Boys’ Club: The Connector
by Aubrey Parker
Publication date: November 1st 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

People say money can’t buy love. Fortunately, it can buy everything else.
My name is Nathan Turner. I’m the best networker in the world, and I make big deals happen.
Right now, I’m bringing together the most powerful people on the planet. When the group is complete, we’ll have a pool of over one trillion dollars.
Internally, we call ourselves the Syndicate. But within the Syndicate is another group — a smaller group of bad-boy billionaires who the press already knows and loves.
We call ourselves the Trillionaire Boys’ Club. The Syndicate controls the world, and we control the Syndicate.
There’s only one man standing in my way.
And now there’s this girl in my way, too — this 18-year-old freshman who seems to think she knows my business better than I do.
Fortunately, there are ways to deal with both of them.
The Connector is the first book in the Trillionaire Boys Club series by Aubrey Parker. Each book tells the story of another of the Club’s members … so pay close attention, because you’re going to want to collect them all.



“You have no idea what you do to men, Alex,” Nathan tells me as he watches my body. “Society has trained you to be meek; your father trained you to be bold. But you think you’re a kid deep down, don’t you? A silly little girl who has to be loud if she expects to be taken seriously. But when you walk down the street, you’re the the most commanding person on it. There is nothing more powerful than a pretty young girl that everyone wants to fuck.”
“That’s disgusting.” I’m only mouthing words, trying to obey my internal compass — something that, nude and watching Nathan’s hand returning to his cock, is becoming increasingly difficult. What’s he saying? That all I have to offer is sex? That I have nothing else?
“You can deny it,” Nathan says, reading me, “or you embrace it to get what you want. You came to me hoping for a negotiation, but you’d already won, if you’d only tuned in to realize it. Just as you could do with anyone you know. Just as you did with your friend Corey.” 
“I didn’t do anything with Corey.” 
“He made the deal I couldn’t. He made the deal that even you couldn’t. And he was only able to reach down and find his balls because he had the right motivation: to impress you.
“I’m glad I can inspire him.”
“Inspire.” He laughs as if the word is absurd.
“Yes, inspire.” 
Nathan looks my naked body over from bottom to top and slowly strokes his cock. “He’s just a friend, then.” 
“You don’t have straight male friends, Alex.” 
That irritates me. I’m suddenly angry, and rage blends with my lust. 
I should want to get dressed and storm out. But I don’t want that at all. 
“You don’t know me,” I say. “You don’t know my friends.” 
“I know that you’re naive. I know that you believe boys are like you, but with opposite parts. It’s not true. It’s biological, what we are. It’s sweet that you think Corey and your other friends think platonically of you.” He sneers. “But that’s not how boys are wired.”
“Corey has jerked off while thinking of you, Alex.” 
“He’s a friend.” 
“And when you ran around him topless on that beach, his poor little balls were probably blue the whole time. Or he came in his shorts while watching you two play in the waves.” 
The beach? Wait a minute. How does Nathan know about that?
“You can be mad at me, and Corey, and all your other straight male friends for staring at your tits when you aren’t looking. You can be mad that when you wear skirts or shorts that are maybe too short, they all watch with fascination, hoping you’ll cross your legs and give them a flash. And you can be furious — God knows I might be — to know that the boy you once let house-sit for you went through your underwear drawer over and over, touching your panties, imagining the crotch pressed against the wet lips of your tight, nineteen-year-old pussy.”
My face is hot. My fists want to clench. “How do you know about my house sitter?”
Nathan ignores me. “Or, instead of being mad about all those things, you can step into your strength and be grateful. You can understand that, as powerful as my Syndicate will someday be, there are ways in which you could rule us all.”
Nathan’s cock twitches hard. A strong jet of fluid squirts from its tip, making an arc in the air before landing on his six-pack. It jerks a few more times, shooting smaller arcs, and then he’s finished, dribbling through the aftershocks. 
“Look at what you do to me,” he says, “just by existing.” 
It’s not fair. He’s finished, and I haven’t begun. My hand returns to my pussy, my fingers slipping inside. 
Look at what you do to me, I hear his echo in my mind. 
And as my own sensations build, as I watch Nathan’s breathing slow, he reaches for his T-shirt, impatiently wipes himself clean, and stares deep into my eyes just as they’re beginning to shut.
“Now put your hands against the window with your ass out, and control me some more.”


I love to write stories with characters that feel real enough to friend on Facebook, or slap across the face. I write to make you feel, think, and burn with the thrill that can only come from getting lost in the pages. I love to write unforgettable characters who wrestle with life's largest problems. My books may always end with a Happily Ever After, but there will always be drama on the way there.

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