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Release Blitz & Review for Surviving Colton by Colbie Kay


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TITLE: Surviving Colton
SERIES: (The Betrayed: A Rocker Series Book 2)
Author: Colbie Kay
Cover Model: Jeff Morawski
Photography: Tony Murray
Cover Design: Tracie at Dark Water Covers



She waited for that one moment. The moment he finally looked at her. The moment he finally spoke to her. Colton James knew when it happened nothing would be the same.
She was innocent, sweet, and caring. Everything he wasn't. She didn't judge him for the choices he made no matter how bad they were. She doesn't know who he really is because of her sheltered life.
She makes him want to change, but it's time for Colton to get back to real life. Being the drummer for the famous rock band The Betrayed comes with Temptation. Colton gave in once and he spiraled out of control.
Will he give in again or can the good girl make the bad boy change his ways?

Surviving Colton  (The Betrayed: A Rocker Series, #2)Surviving Colton by Colbie Kay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow.. this book has left me speechless. Colbie once again gives you a book that will not only tear you apart but put you back together. The men in the Betrayed Series will steal your heart and not let it go.

Colbie will have you sucked in from the prologue. I know I was. Colton will make you hate him and want to shake the crap out of him or deck him but before you know it that guy will take your heart and not give it back. Dixon is just an all around loving, caring, kind person that you honestly cannot help but like from the very first time you meet her.

She knows there is something between her and Colton. And Colton he can tell shes special and innocent compared to him so he tries to fight what hes feeling inside and push her away.

This book will shock your system, break your heart, and make you fall in love all over again. This is part of the series but you do not need to read the previous book to understand this one. Definite must read!!

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