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Book Blitz & Giveaway - Royally Wed by Pamela DuMond

Book & Author Details:
Royally Wed 
by Pamela DuMond 
(Ladies-in-Waiting, #2) 
Publication date: October 13th 2016
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance

Ring the wedding bells, pour the champagne, and get thee to the cathedral for Royally Wed, the LOL sequel to Part-time Princess (Ladies-in-Waiting, #1)!
Lucy Trabbicio, former cocktail waitress and down-to-earth American commoner, is about to marry the man of her dreams, Prince Nicholas of Fredonia in the posh royal wedding of the year.
But something goes very wrong on the way to the altar. Now it’s up to Lucy, her party-hard, take-no-prisoners Ladies-in-Waiting, and Nick’s opinionated Royal Nana to solve the debacle, and get her back into sexy Prince Nick’s arms in time to be Royally Wed, as well as royally bed.
A modern day, sexy tale with romance, twists and turns, laughter, and a whole lot of hanky-panky!



I drifted into a light sleep under the flower power psychedelic bedspread when suddenly, I blinked my eyes open, and found myself back on the plane flying from America to Fredonia. I sat in a first class passenger seat, the tray table next to me open and filled with saucers of honey-roasted peanuts and itty-bitty pretzels.
“Of course, you can have as many bags of peanuts as you want, Ms. Trabbicio,” the flight attendant said, and placed a large Tupperware container of them on the tray. “You’re flying first class now. For you, we even have those super yum Friedricksburgh Farm mint sugar cookies. Would you like some freshly made hot chocolate with that?”
“I’ll make Lucy’s hot chocolate,” Nicholas said, wearing nothing but a tie in the Royal Fredonia colors and matching boxer shorts.
I took in his defined shoulder and chest muscles, and inhaled sharply as I drew my hand over his six pack, rock hard abs and journeyed down to his festive underwear that suddenly tented in my honor.
“And to sweeten the deal,” he said, “I’m putting extra fresh, homemade whipped cream on top.”
And just like that, a huge cup of steaming cocoa materialized on the tray next to me with a swirl of whipped cream about eight inches high that looked suspiciously phallic. “That looks super yum,” I said.
“You’d better believe it’s super yum, my American Princess-to-be.” He leaned down, his jet-black hair brushing against my forehead. His sexy day-old stubble scratched and tickled my cheek. He squeezed my knee and whispered in my ear, “Come on, Lucy. Humor me. It will be so much fun. I’m dying to initiate you into The Mile High Club. Who better to introduce you to the joys of carnal relations at 5280 feet? I am, after all, your fiancé.”
“Is this your fantasy that involves the first class bathroom on this plane?” I asked. “Because I’ve already visited that room for the usual reasons. The lighting is awfully harsh and I can see every pore on my face. The sink is itty bitty and I’m not sure I want those sharp, germ-ridden hot and cold water spigots etched into my ample backside.”
“Point taken,” he said. “Let’s improvise!” He leaned down, kissed me fiercely, and then peeled off my proper pant suit in the middle of British Airways First Class.
“No! I didn’t wear my fancy underwear, Nick. Just my every day cotton briefs. Everyone will see!” I glanced around at all the other first class passengers who were oblivious to the throes of our passion, as they were absorbed in re-runs of Downton Abbey, a war movie on their iPad, or a mind tickling Sudoku puzzle.
“It’s only you and me, Lucy.” Nick hit the recline lever on my seat and threw it back into near horizontal mode. He stared down at me, his lips full and bitable, his black hair messy, that one lock traipsing across his moist forehead. “Let’s give it a go, shall we?” He dropped trou, lifted one of my legs up over his shoulder, and had his wicked way with me.
“Is mile high sex always this good?” I asked about twenty minutes or two hours later, I couldn’t tell, as he lay collapsed on top of me.
“Only airplane sex between you and me.” He lifted his head and smiled at me.  “Round two, darling?”


Pam pitched Erin Brockovich's story to 'Hollywood'. ERIN BROCKOVICH the movie earned 4 Academy Award nominations, and Erin became a household name for environmental activism.

Pam writes Romance, YA, Mysteries, and even Self-Help. All her stories have humor and heart. 

She's addicted to TV shows -- The Voice, The Blacklist, and GOT. She likes dogs and cats equally, prefers her coffee strong, her cabernet hearty, her chocolate dark, and her foods non-GMO. She lives for a good giggle in Venice, California with her fur-babies.

Sign up for her NEWSLETTER for info on upcoming books, deals, and special events on her website at www.pameladumond.com and check her out on Facebook at PamelaDuMondAuthor. 

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