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Book Blitz & Giveaway - Falling for Boston by Leslie Kate

Book & Author Details:
Falling for Boston 
by Leslie Kate 
Publication date: October 13th 2016
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance

As the youngest of four, Dylan has always been the baby. But don’t let that fool you; she’s not your average baby sister. Growing up with three older brothers left Dylan with a lack of femininity and in its place, a real guy’s girl personality. Sports, beer, burping, you name it; but don’t even think about going near her feet with a pair of heels.
When Dylan meets Tyler Vaughn, the famous and devastatingly attractive football superstar at work one morning, she’s thrilled by his good stats, not his good looks. But the wide receiver—and sweet romantic—throws her for a loop when he pursues her despite what she knows is missing, her feminine charm.
Now Dylan must reconcile the fact that this guy may actually like her, and even scarier, she may like him back. Dylan speaks sports and sarcasm fluently but romance, now that’s something completely foreign to her. What’s an emotionally-allergic guy’s girl supposed to do with a hopeless romantic?



With one last glimpse at Vaughn before I ducked out, I saw he was in the middle of a conversation with Andy and Chase. I’d made it halfway down the hall when I heard a deep voice calling me, the hair on my neck standing on end.
“Dylan Riley!”
I turned around, and Vaughn was walking towards me with that sunny smile on his absurdly gorgeous face. I sucked in a breath when I made eye contact with those blue eyes of his again.
“You rang?” I said expectantly.
He smiled bigger. “I just wanted to do some concussion protocol. Make sure you’re still holding up after your fall.”
“Well, my head is fine but my ass definitely took a beating,” I said, my nature to respond with a pithy comment coming back to bite me in the ass. Except my ass was already sore.
Everyone who knew me knew that I was sarcastic by nature; this was a typical response for me. The only problem was Vaughn didn’t know me.
It was only after the comment was out of my mouth, the words floating in the air like dandelion fronds, irretrievable, that I realized what I’d said to Tyler freaking Vaughn.
I closed my eyes in shame as I braced myself for the look of horror that was bound to be on his face. It was the look that I’d seen on many people’s faces when they first experienced my verbal diarrhea thanks to my misfiring mental filter.
When I finally attempted to make eye contact again, I was distracted by just how tall he was. I was five- foot-four, and he towered over me. I actually had to crane my head. Looking up, I locked onto his eyes, seeing amusement glimmer in the bright blue.
“Sorry,” I apologized with an eye roll and a grimace. He quirked his brow, but the smile on his face remained.
“For what?”“The broken filter between my mouth and my brain.”“Don’t apologize,” he said. “I think it’s funny.”Brightening, I replied, “Lucky me. Then again the day is still young. I have plenty more opportunities to embarrass myself in front of complete strangers.”He laughed. “You seem to be okay; I think you’ll live to see another day.”“Oh, goody. At least now I won’t have to worry about contacting my lawyer for the criminal battery charge I planned to file,” I said sarcastically.“I thought it was your fault,” he goaded.“‘He said versus she said.’ Look how big you are compared to little old me. I’d totally win.”“I guess it’s a good thing you’re not going to press charges then.”“We’ll see. My lawyers will be in touch if I decide to change my mind.”Vaughn chuckled. I liked that I could make him laugh, especially since half of what I said to him came out in moron.Chase suddenly appeared at Vaughn’s side, snapping me back to reality and halting our witty repartee. “Tyler, are you ready to go?” Chase asked him.“Sure,” he said before looking back at me. “Are you okay?”“Peachy,” I answered, and he smiled again.“It was a pleasure to meet you, Dylan Riley.”“You too,” I said, lamely pointing a finger at him like a gun.I’d almost said, “Take care now, bye bye then.” It had been on the tip of my tongue, but I’d refrained. I figured I’d already hit my quota for idiotic comments for the day.
Cool, calm and collected my ass.


Leslie Kate, despite growing up in Upstate New York, is crazy about everything Boston. She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she studied sports broadcasting. There, her lifelong Boston sports addiction blossomed into the fanatic she is today.

Having dabbled with the idea of writing a book since high school, she finally put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and wrote her first book, "Falling for Boston," where she combined her passion for the written word with her passion for sports and the City of Champions.

Aside from being a sports nut, Leslie Kate love reading (much to the chagrin of her boyfriend), movies, music, and being active (she's a spinning instructor at her gym.) 

She also loves cooking, but not cleaning; dogs, but not cats; and shoes, but not purses or jewelry. She owns one pair of Christian Louboutins that she sometimes just wears around the house because she likes to look at them.

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