Friday, June 17, 2016

Cover Reveal - Trashy by Penny Lam

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Cover Reveal
Title: Trashy
Author: Penny Lam
Release Date: June 24, 2016


Turning eighteen was supposed to mean finally having the chance to escape the trailer park and the shadow of her mom’s job-- the world’s oldest profession. But when Vickie is given an ultimatum; be on her back for money or hit the streets, she’s out of options.

Beers and babes. The two b’s are all Buck needs to be happy. That is, until he and his roommate save the prettiest little thing in the park, inviting her into their trailer and their beds. Now Buck’s wondering if the two things he needs to be happy are the things he could lose all too easily. 

In a park with nosy neighbors and a long memory, Shep can’t outrun his reputation. Bitter, he’s relied on Buck’s friendship to help him to one day get the hell out of dodge. That is, until little Vickie and Buck show him that there’s love in even the trashiest corners of the earth. 

As they start to build their family, a murder in the park causes Vickie’s troubles and Shep and Buck’s shadowed past to collide, testing their love and their trio. Can their unconventional relationship help them survive the fallout in a town where unearthed secrets can get you killed?

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Penny Lam was raised in North Carolina but never mastered the accent. She's decisive about food and wine and indecisive about what kinds of books to write. She like rough-around-the-edges heroes and plots that push boundaries.

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