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Release Blitz & Review - Three Loving Words by DC Renee


Releases March 19th

I hate you. I heard those words so many times from his mouth that they lost their meaning. His “three loving words” is how I mockingly referred to them. It didn’t bother me, though, because I hated him, too.

He was gorgeous, with dark tousled hair, full lips, a strong jaw, and a body deserving of a magazine cover. He was rich and cared for his mother deeply. On paper, he was the perfect husband. The problem? He was my husband.

I dreamed of a fairytale love story for as long as I could remember. I dreamed of a boy to fall head over heels for me and treat me like the sun rose and set at my feet, especially after living in the shadow of my perfect sister and never feeling good enough for my family. When I decided to earn my parents’ love in a dramatic fashion, I’ll admit that I never imagined marrying him would end up part of the bargain.

The kicker? Enzo Faust didn’t want to marry me, either. And yet, here we are, a man that I both fear and loathe is my “I do…for better or worse.” I just didn’t anticipate that it’d be more ‘worse’ than ‘better.’
I’m Paige Stiles, and here’s my story.

Three Loving WordsThree Loving Words by D.C. Renee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first DC Renee read and I can say that I will be reading more books by this author

Paige and Enzo are forced into a marriage together. Paige is doing this as she feels its the only way to save her family. Little did she know that Enzo was a complete ass, there is no other way to describe him. Hes 20 and living the playboy lifestyle which he continues even after they are married. They both have a very mutual dislike for one another. They dont interact or speak to one another unless they are in public or around their families.

Paige is this independent woman who will give as good as she receives. She wants to continue her schooling but will not take any of Enzo's money. Enzo can be a caring person but those moments are very few and far between.

This book is just mind blowing giving you heartache, lust, stubbornness to the fullest as well as love. I did not stop reading it once i started. Absolute MUST read in my opinion!!

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DC Renee has been writing all her life, from cheesy poems in elementary school (i'll share an example just so you know how cheesy: Flowers are my favorite thing; they usually bloom during spring. Pink, blue, yellow and green, so many colors that I have seen...etc.) to short stories and monologues, and eventually fan fictions for Days of Our Lives.

It was thanks to that superbly encouraging fan fiction community that DC found the courage to publish her first book - Let Me Go. It held fast in the top 100 Best Selling Contemporary Romance Fiction Novels on Amazon for over a month, going as low as the top 20's. Naturally, she loves to read, but she also likes watching hockey, dancing for fun, and loves her family.

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