Sunday, November 1, 2015

Blog Tour, Giveaway & Review - Heaven Sent by Avelyn Paige

Bloody…broken…barely surviving…

Danae “Dani” Espinoza is on the run and desperate to escape the demons of her past. Plans to hide out in a sleepy Los Angeles suburb turn into a pipe dream as she is drawn into the secret filled world of the local motorcycle club. Dani soon learns that her secrets and lies are nothing compared to those kept behind the clubhouse doors. Trying to avoid the suspicious Vice President, she must keep a low profile in order to survive. The trouble is he has other ideas. 

Bike…babes…and booze…

Tyler "Hero" Tobias has simple needs. Being the Heaven's Rejects MC Vice President, he has all three at his disposal. But he has his own ghosts that keep him awake at night. When Dani arrives at the clubhouse, he knows he should stay away but there is something about her dark beauty and the mystery that surrounds her that makes him burn. There are secrets in her eyes and lies in her smile and he knows he should put his club first, but Hero’s heart and loyalty are about to be tested. 

Can an angel with blood-covered wings and the devil himself resist temptation or will they risk bringing hellfire down on everything that they love?

This book blew me away and had me hooked from the very beginning. I could not put this book down. I had to keep reading it all the way to the end. It will have you thinking you know what is going to happen and the next you know its like a smack to the face and your like holy crap i did not see that coming or expect that out of this person.

Dani is running from her past and trying to get as far away from it as possible while keeping a low profile. She trusts no one men especially. The first person she meets when she makes it to Cali is her roommate Ricca. After a few weeks they get into a routine and get to know each other but it doesnt take long for Dani's life to once again be tossed upside down. Getting kidnapped, escaping, then being kept on lockdown/prisoner by the Heaven's Reject MC and considered a traitor. While trying to prove herself shes also trying to fight the insane attraction to Hero the MC's VP

Hero... hmmm... what can we say about him? Hes arrogant, cocky, sexy as sin, and one glance at Dani has him almost falling to his knees. He doesnt want an ole lady, hes very content with the club mama's and one night stands. Dani has him questioning everything and shes the only one who has kept the nightmares from his military days at bay. What is it about Dani that makes her so different, he sure as hell doesnt know but hes determined to find out once they prove shes not a traitor.

This book had so many emotions runnign through me. Within the first few chapters it almost had me in tears (sad ones) Then portions of it had me in tears from so much laughter. The banter between these characters is almost comical sometimes. Dani is not a bow down kind of chic and she lets Hero know it.

I'm ready for more from the Heaven's Reject MC. Cant wait to read more from Avelyn and get more from the characters that were in this book!!

Cold. All I can feel is a deep chill blanketing my body. My eyes open to complete darkness as a voice calls to me. Its muffled tones send shivers down my spine with every garbled word. A sense of familiarity floats around me as its words become clearer.
“Run, Dani,” it pleas from beyond the black veil shrouding the room. “Escape while you can,” it continues. Panic courses through my veins. Where in the hell am I? Why can’t I see anything? The pleas go unanswered as my voice fails to render sound.

“Help!” I scream internally, “Please, fucking help me!”

The voice’s call fades with each word. “You need to get the hell out of here, Dani. You need to move. Find a wall and escape,” I coach to myself. A cold chill of air sweeps into the darkness encompassing me as I try to feel the place around me. My fingers plunge into a dense, sticky liquid as I crawl forward causing my body to slide with each movement. A hard surface is finally inching its way under my fingers.

Crawling upwards, I splay my hands against the cool wall. “You’re on your feet, Dani. The hardest part is over now. Time to find a door or a light switch, something to get us out of here,” my internal coach continues.

Keeping close to the wall, I finally find a switch. Flicking it upwards, the light shines brilliantly. As my eyes adjust to the light, my hands come into my vision. A scream barrels out of my throat when I see the sticky, red blood covering my hands and clothes. My heart races as I frantically wipe the blood away. Blood begins to pool at my feet, inching toward me. Rushing away from the blood, I fall backward into a solid, but warm obstacle. Before I can turn around, hands grasp my arms as a person’s hot breath trails down my neck.

“Hello, Dani,” a different voice whispers in my ear. “Welcome to Hell. You’re mine now,” the voice crackles as my body is pulled into black oblivion. 

Avelyn Paige is a born and raised Indiana girl. She may be a Hoosier by birth, but she’s a Boilermaker by choice! Avelyn lives in rural Indiana with her pastor husband, 2 spoiled cats, and one very odd looking dog. She’s an oncology research scientist by day and a writer and book review blogger by night. She enjoys reading anything she can get her hands, baking, and spending time with her friends and family. 

Never intending to ever write her own book, the idea behind the Damaged series came to her on a drive to work early one morning thinking about her father who’d recently passed away. His strength during his cancer and rare blood disease battle inspired Avelyn to do something she’s never thought about before. She’s excited to see where this wild ride takes her. 



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